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Healthy Body = Healthy Mind

The past few months have been filled with overwhelming emotion. Most of it has been exhilarating, but there have been periods of days or weeks when I’ve been constantly on the brink of tears. I don’t know how to manage it. There are extreme highs and lows where before I’ve been pretty even-keeled.

This isn’t the first time in my life I’ve felt like this, but certainly the first time in years. I’m out of my depth.

I’ve done a bit of research online (probably a bad idea) and I think I may have mild anxiety brought on by stress. There’s the tears, the nausea, panic attacks, worrying, over-analysing, hair loss, self loathing, and sleeplessness.

It all sounds very serious, and in a way writing it down is kinda scary. But it’s also therapeutic.

Thinking back to what was different over the past couple of years since I’ve felt like this, the huge change in my life was moving to Korea. It was such a great adventure and an opportunity to recreate myself. It is certainly strange to be back at home and I can see old patterns resurface the longer I’m here.

But although that may be part of it, I don’t think it’s the whole picture.

While in Korea I discovered the Whole 30 and it changed my life. Eating healthily made me feel healthier in both body and mind. I was transformed. My thought patterns were clearer, my energy was up, I fell asleep straight away, my whole being benefited.

Exercising was no longer a form of torture in which I would push myself to the brink of collapse just to make myself pay for the chocolate I had eaten that day. Weight-loss no longer equated to starving myself. I no longer felt skinny and worthwhile only when I was hungry.

These are the sad realities of my life pre-Whole 30 and unfortunately I can feel myself slipping back into them as my diet has progressively grown worse over the past few months.

To me, the correlation between my state of mind and the food I ingest is a no-brainer.

Simply put, I need to get back on track.

So I guess this is my commitment to myself to eat better. No more chocolate biscuits from the tin at work instead of lunch. No more skipping a meal so I can imagine my stomach shrinking.

I’m not doing the Whole 30 because for me at this stage its not sustainable or social enough, but I will tighten up on the amount of junk I’m putting into my  body.

After all a healthy body = a healthy mind, and that starts with food.



Day 30

General Feeling: It has finally arrived! My last day. I didn’t do anything special to commemorate, mostly because I’ve still got some reintroduction to do. But I’m feeling pretty good about it all still.

Workout Confidence: No working out today either.

Food Edibility: I possibly should have been more adventurous today but I’m trying to make my meat go as far as it can.

Financial State: It’s always a concern, but I haven’t gone over budget on food this month which is great.



Breakfast: The banana omelette is back!


Lunch: Spinach, celery, tomato scrambled eggs with mustard mayo.


Dinner: Tuna salad (I also made more sweet potato fries – those things are addictive!)

Day 29


General Feeling: I thought I’d wake up today feeling better but unfortunately my nose is like a faucet. I can’t switch it off. I’ll get lots of rest and it’ll be fine soon though I’m hoping.

Workout Confidence: I decided to take a rest today. I wasn’t feeling all that hot.

Food Edibility: Not a bad day at all despite not feeling like eating much.

Financial State: The tooth cost me 350,000 won. Eeeek!



Breakfast: Savoury omelette with cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and spinach.


Lunch: Shrimp salad

Dinner (not pictured): I cooked up some carrots and zucchini in the juices from my rosemary and lemon chicken. It was super tasty!

Day 28

General Feeling: I haven’t been feeling 100% the last few days. I think it’s the stress of moving which has meant lack of sleep, on top of pushing too hard with the workouts. So my co-teacher has given me the rest of the week off and I am relaxing at home today.

TMI WARNING: Possibly related is the fact that I’ve been pretty stuffed up in the digestive tract department the past couple of days. Maybe I’ve had too many almonds recently. Going to have to be careful of that.

Workout Confidence: I did a little bit of pilates and some dancing, but in all honesty I probably should’ve rested.

Food Edibility: Lunch was beyond delicious!

Financial State: Uh oh. Those fries were pretty crunchy and part of my tooth came out. Trip to the dentist is gonna get pricey!



Breakfast: Sauteed cherry tomatoes and spinach with scrambled eggs.


Lunch: I think this was one of the best lunches of my life. An open burger with sweet potato fries. Too good!


Dinner:  This looks like a mess  but it tasted pretty good. I added some veggies and an egg to the leftover tagine.

Day 27

General Feeling: I couldn’t get back to sleep after waking up at 3:44am. I don’t think it was food related, but because of the stress of things I have to buy and do before I go home.

But despite that, I wasn’t completely knocked off my feet. I didn’t even have coffee!

Workout Confidence: I didn’t push myself too hard today and it felt amazing. I think I’ve been going too hard and it’s unsustainable. I followed the same patter for my run as last time; 5min run/1min walk for 30mins and I upped the speed slightly so I did 3.9kms. Still progressing which feels great but because I didn’t do an hour of pilates first it was energizing rather than exhausting.

Food Edibility: Today has been an amazing day for food, even though I didn’t have much of an appetite. Variety is back in my life! Best day yet, I think.

Financial State: I made some sweet potato chips for lunch and one was a bit too crispy because when I bit into it part of my tooth fell out. That’s a possible root canal and at very least 400,000 won. Eeeek!



Breakfast: Ahh man I’d missed my sweet potato hash and fried eggs!


Lunch: I made that Moroccan tagine again but followed my nose on the ingredients. I was super impressed.


Dinner: Slow-cooked lemon and rosemary chicken breast with roast veggies.

Day 26

General Feeling: I wasn’t feeling too great this morning either. I’m not too bad, but I definitely overdid it last week. However, it was a great day, full of energy and love.

Workout Confidence: Rest day!

Food Edibility: It was a pretty good day today, not gonna lie.

Financial State: I’m a little concerned about having enough money at home, but food shouldn’t be too expensive the next couple of weeks. I have a freezer pretty full of meat and frozen meals so it’s just some veggies I need.



Breakfast: Lemon preserve veggies and scrambled eggs.


Lunch: Shrimp salad. This one was particularly good. I seasoned the shrimp with garam masala.


Dinner: Leftover ribs and pumpkin soup.

Day 25

General Feeling: I woke up with a bit of a tight throat and stuffy head today. I think I’ve been taking it too hard with the running and Blogilates. It’s rest day tomorrow though so I’m hoping to recover.

Workout Confidence: I don’t understand. Even though I felt pretty gross I did ok. Some of the cardio moves weren’t the best, but I feel pretty good about the strength ones. I think it might not be getting easier to actually do the stuff, but perhaps to push myself to keep going.

Food Edibility: Not too bad. I tried to keep it light so I could enjoy dinner which was meant to be an amazing buffet but we ended up going to a bar because it was full. It was a tad disappointing, I’m not going to lie.

Financial State: Dinner was more than I’d like to have paid for what I got, but it was certainly cheaper than plan A, so I’m not complaining!



Breakfast: Lemon preserve veggies and scrambled eggs.


Lunch: Eggy salad with a sprinkle of curry powder.

Dinner (not pictured): Bunless burger and salad.