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Day 28

General Feeling: I haven’t been feeling 100% the last few days. I think it’s the stress of moving which has meant lack of sleep, on top of pushing too hard with the workouts. So my co-teacher has given me the rest of the week off and I am relaxing at home today.

TMI WARNING: Possibly related is the fact that I’ve been pretty stuffed up in the digestive tract department the past couple of days. Maybe I’ve had too many almonds recently. Going to have to be careful of that.

Workout Confidence: I did a little bit of pilates and some dancing, but in all honesty I probably should’ve rested.

Food Edibility: Lunch was beyond delicious!

Financial State: Uh oh. Those fries were pretty crunchy and part of my tooth came out. Trip to the dentist is gonna get pricey!



Breakfast: Sauteed cherry tomatoes and spinach with scrambled eggs.


Lunch: I think this was one of the best lunches of my life. An open burger with sweet potato fries. Too good!


Dinner:  This looks like a mess  but it tasted pretty good. I added some veggies and an egg to the leftover tagine.