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Day 27

General Feeling: I couldn’t get back to sleep after waking up at 3:44am. I don’t think it was food related, but because of the stress of things I have to buy and do before I go home.

But despite that, I wasn’t completely knocked off my feet. I didn’t even have coffee!

Workout Confidence: I didn’t push myself too hard today and it felt amazing. I think I’ve been going too hard and it’s unsustainable. I followed the same patter for my run as last time; 5min run/1min walk for 30mins and I upped the speed slightly so I did 3.9kms. Still progressing which feels great but because I didn’t do an hour of pilates first it was energizing rather than exhausting.

Food Edibility: Today has been an amazing day for food, even though I didn’t have much of an appetite. Variety is back in my life! Best day yet, I think.

Financial State: I made some sweet potato chips for lunch and one was a bit too crispy because when I bit into it part of my tooth fell out. That’s a possible root canal and at very least 400,000 won. Eeeek!



Breakfast: Ahh man I’d missed my sweet potato hash and fried eggs!


Lunch: I made that Moroccan tagine again but followed my nose on the ingredients. I was super impressed.


Dinner: Slow-cooked lemon and rosemary chicken breast with roast veggies.