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Day 25

General Feeling: I woke up with a bit of a tight throat and stuffy head today. I think I’ve been taking it too hard with the running and Blogilates. It’s rest day tomorrow though so I’m hoping to recover.

Workout Confidence: I don’t understand. Even though I felt pretty gross I did ok. Some of the cardio moves weren’t the best, but I feel pretty good about the strength ones. I think it might not be getting easier to actually do the stuff, but perhaps to push myself to keep going.

Food Edibility: Not too bad. I tried to keep it light so I could enjoy dinner which was meant to be an amazing buffet but we ended up going to a bar because it was full. It was a tad disappointing, I’m not going to lie.

Financial State: Dinner was more than I’d like to have paid for what I got, but it was certainly cheaper than plan A, so I’m not complaining!



Breakfast: Lemon preserve veggies and scrambled eggs.


Lunch: Eggy salad with a sprinkle of curry powder.

Dinner (not pictured): Bunless burger and salad.