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Day 24

General Feeling: I am feeling awesome today! I don’t even really know why. Tiger blood has kicked in!

However, I may be eating too many carbs (I’m looking at you, pumpkin soup) because I feel hungry for about 45mins after eating, and then I get really full for a couple hours. It made me want to throw up after my workout today.

Workout Confidence: Woohoo! It felt great today. I decided a new goal is to be able to run 5kms. I found an 8 week schedule. So today I ran 5 mins, walked 1 min for 30mins. I got 3.5kms.

Food Edibility: Pretty yum, I must say!

Financial State: Doing my best but I’m slightly concerned I won’t be able to buy all the things I want when I visit home.



Breakfast: Banana and berry omelette. This time I added some ginger but I couldn’t really taste it. The cardamom was certainly better.


Lunch: You may tell me it looks gross but I mixed leftover mayo chicken into my pumpkin soup and it was pretty freaking good.


Dinner: Seasoned steak (allspice is so amazing!) with preserved lemon veggies and salad.