Day 23

General Feeling: I can’t decide if I’m overeating or if I’m eating something less than awesome. After breakfast and lunch I had a bit of a delayed bloat reaction. It wasn’t too comfortable. Perhaps I should cut back the eggs a bit.

Workout Confidence: I DID IT! A mile in 9:50!

Food Edibility: Lunch was so good. I had missed poached eggs. And that zucchini was inspired!

Financial State: Still stretching it out.



Breakfast: This time I added a sprinkle of cardamom to the banana/berry/omelette combo. It was preeeeeeety delish!


Lunch: Poached eggs on lemon zucchini and carrots. It was amazing. I need to think of more uses for my preserved lemons before I move.


Dinner: Chicken salad and pumpkin soup.


Day 22

General Feeling: I’m feeling pretty good. Managed to get up early despite a late night. 10pm! I’m a nana and because of it I feel wonderful.

Workout Confidence: So much running. At the beginning I never think I’m going to be able to do it but I pushed myself there today and I’m proud.

Food Edibility: Ooooh I love ribs. Red meat! It’s a biit of a rarity these days. Leftovers too!

Financial State: A little anxious. I’m trying to make my budget stretch over two weeks. But I shouldn’t need too much more meat between now and when I get home.



Breakfast: Banana, berry, cinnamon omelette. Not shabby at all!


Lunch: Chicken salad. One of my faves for a hungry day. Ain’t nobody got time for prep on a hungry day!


Dinner: Riiiiiibs! And they did not disappoint.

Day 21

General Feeling: I’m back to healthy Whole 30 me! My body feels so much better today.

Workout Confidence: I did a mile in 10:03 and I’m very proud.

Food Edibility: It was a yum day today, even if dinner was a tad disappointing.

Financial State: I’m eating more eggs because they’re the cheapest. Gotta keep some money for when I go home!



Breakfast: Zucchini and omelette. Simple and delicious.


Lunch: Scrambled eggs and quick breakfast veggies. Woah crazy! Breakfast for lunch. So wild. (You should read that in the voice of Murray from Flight Of the Conchords).


Dinner: I had high hopes for this chicken but perhaps I didn’t follow the recipe right. I brined it and everything! It was still pretty good though, especially because the spices got into the sweet potatoes.

Why I’ve Stopped Striving for Excellence

I am learning not to use excellence as a gauge of success. It has only led me to disappointment and self-punishment. When I see the perfect bodies of women in magazines, the perfect plates of food bloggers, and the incredible accomplishments of business people, I can’t help but see myself as a huge failure in comparison.

This has always been a problem for me, a stubborn perfectionist. But things are changing. Instead of beating myself up in this way, I am starting to think that progress, even in minute increments is success. I am starting not to look at others to determine how well I’m doing, but to look to the past to measure how far I have come.

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Margharita Meatza – Better than a pizza!

This is my take on Melissa Joulwan’s Mexican Meatza. It’s an incredible recipe so I just tweaked it a bit to make it low FODMAP.

I can’t believe how beautiful it came out!

It’s a great alternative to a pizza if you’re having cravings, but instead of that cheesy remorse, you’ll feel great afterwards.

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Day 20

General Feeling: I’ve been strangely full in the morning but still hungry after dinner. I think I need to get into the routine more and stop allowing myself sweet potatoes to fill me up.

I’m still recovering from those dates though. It’s ridiculous! I guess now I know that if I eat them I will suffer a few days.

Workout Confidence: I thought I wasn’t doing so great, but then the last video was the 100 Burpee Burnout and I was considerably less dead afterwards than a month ago when I tried it.

Food Edibility: I’m hitting the lull where I don’t really want to cook anymore. However, dinner was pretty great.

Financial State: Feeling ok about it today.



Breakfast: Fried bananas, almonds, and an omelette. Not too shabby at all.


Lunch: Pumpkin soup and mango curry chicken.


Dinner: Shrimp salad

Day 19

General Feeling: Today I felt pretty awful. I had a bloaty belly, stopped up digestive tract (TMI sorry!), and felt nauseous. Ohhh FODMAPs you terrible things!
But I did feel great in other ways. I feel like my skin is looking so much better. It’s practically glowing. And my energy levels are great too.

I feel like I’ve failed this weekend slightly. I’m trying to give myself a bit of leeway but it’s good to learn (repeatedly) that these things really do stuff me up, and not just for a little while either. I feel the consequences for days and it’s not nice. No more FODMAPS!

Workout Confidence: I got to rest today. But I did feel like doing something. This is strange!

Food Edibility: I didn’t really feel like eating much until this evening when I went out for barbecue with friends. It was difficult to stay strong while they ate amazing chocolates from America!

Financial State: Well… I did eat out. But I said no to a hot drink so that’s something!


I took no photos today, sorry!

Breakfast: Pumpkin soup and boiled eggs

Lunch: I was feeling sick so I didn’t eat. Broken rule, but seriously, my tummy needed a break!

Dinner: Korean barbecue pork and beef. It wasn’t much so I ate a banana and more soup when I got home.