Whole30 Goals

The best Whole30 success tip I can give you is to write out your goals. What do you want to achieve from your month of eating clean?

I firmly believe in having goals and getting them down on paper. They keep you focused and help you stay on track. They are especially important when undergoing a challenge such as a Whole30. If you haven’t written out your goals for your 30 days, get a pen and paper right now.

Mine looked like this:

- Eat three square meals
- No snacking
- Eat very little fruit
- Drink apple cider vinegar every day
- Get a lot of sleep
- Complete Blogilates Novemburn calendar

I wish I could say I played inside the rules the entire time, but to be honest I gave up on the apple cider vinegar in the second week after plain forgetting it three days in a row. I also snacked on about three occasions. Not too bad, but certainly not a perfect record.

That’s ok, too. I kept to the strict guidelines and these extras were just for added benefit. I’m not beating myself up about these ones.

I have amended the list for my low FODMAP Whole30, but hopefully I’ll have more answers at the end.


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