Day 22

General Feeling: I’m feeling pretty good. Managed to get up early despite a late night. 10pm! I’m a nana and because of it I feel wonderful.

Workout Confidence: So much running. At the beginning I never think I’m going to be able to do it but I pushed myself there today and I’m proud.

Food Edibility: Ooooh I love ribs. Red meat! It’s a biit of a rarity these days. Leftovers too!

Financial State: A little anxious. I’m trying to make my budget stretch over two weeks. But I shouldn’t need too much more meat between now and when I get home.



Breakfast: Banana, berry, cinnamon omelette. Not shabby at all!


Lunch: Chicken salad. One of my faves for a hungry day. Ain’t nobody got time for prep on a hungry day!


Dinner: Riiiiiibs! And they did not disappoint.


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