Day 21

General Feeling: I’m back to healthy Whole 30 me! My body feels so much better today.

Workout Confidence: I did a mile in 10:03 and I’m very proud.

Food Edibility: It was a yum day today, even if dinner was a tad disappointing.

Financial State: I’m eating more eggs because they’re the cheapest. Gotta keep some money for when I go home!



Breakfast: Zucchini and omelette. Simple and delicious.


Lunch: Scrambled eggs and quick breakfast veggies. Woah crazy! Breakfast for lunch. So wild. (You should read that in the voice of Murray from Flight Of the Conchords).


Dinner: I had high hopes for this chicken but perhaps I didn’t follow the recipe right. I brined it and everything! It was still pretty good though, especially because the spices got into the sweet potatoes.


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