Day 20

General Feeling: I’ve been strangely full in the morning but still hungry after dinner. I think I need to get into the routine more and stop allowing myself sweet potatoes to fill me up.

I’m still recovering from those dates though. It’s ridiculous! I guess now I know that if I eat them I will suffer a few days.

Workout Confidence: I thought I wasn’t doing so great, but then the last video was the 100 Burpee Burnout and I was considerably less dead afterwards than a month ago when I tried it.

Food Edibility: I’m hitting the lull where I don’t really want to cook anymore. However, dinner was pretty great.

Financial State: Feeling ok about it today.



Breakfast: Fried bananas, almonds, and an omelette. Not too shabby at all.


Lunch: Pumpkin soup and mango curry chicken.


Dinner: Shrimp salad


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