Day 19

General Feeling: Today I felt pretty awful. I had a bloaty belly, stopped up digestive tract (TMI sorry!), and felt nauseous. Ohhh FODMAPs you terrible things!
But I did feel great in other ways. I feel like my skin is looking so much better. It’s practically glowing. And my energy levels are great too.

I feel like I’ve failed this weekend slightly. I’m trying to give myself a bit of leeway but it’s good to learn (repeatedly) that these things really do stuff me up, and not just for a little while either. I feel the consequences for days and it’s not nice. No more FODMAPS!

Workout Confidence: I got to rest today. But I did feel like doing something. This is strange!

Food Edibility: I didn’t really feel like eating much until this evening when I went out for barbecue with friends. It was difficult to stay strong while they ate amazing chocolates from America!

Financial State: Well… I did eat out. But I said no to a hot drink so that’s something!


I took no photos today, sorry!

Breakfast: Pumpkin soup and boiled eggs

Lunch: I was feeling sick so I didn’t eat. Broken rule, but seriously, my tummy needed a break!

Dinner: Korean barbecue pork and beef. It wasn’t much so I ate a banana and more soup when I got home.


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