Day 18

General Feeling: I feel productive today. I love these energy reserves! I don’t even mind that my body told me to wake up at 6:30 on a Saturday.
But… I made a folly. I slipped up considerably. I bought some dates and dried figs in a moment of weakness and also consumed them all before I looked up their FODMAP status. Oops. Then I didn’t have a proper lunch so I felt like a whale all evening with an uncomfortable bloaty belly.

Workout Confidence: Arms day is difficult! But I got through. Soon I’ll be finishing all these videos without pausing, mark my words!

Food Edibility: Not the worst day, but also not the best.

Financial State: I went shopping with next week’s money but it came up cheaper than I anticipated.



Breakfast: A twist on a classic. This time I put the almonds in the pan with some coconut oil and cinnamon first, then the strawberries, and then the eggs. I got a heavenly-smelling scramble.

Lunch (not pictured): A box full of dates, a box full of dried figs, two boiled eggs. Terrible.


Dinner: I made a kind of mango curry thing. It wasn’t too bad. I didn’t feel like too much because of the terrible lunch choice.


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