Day 14

General Feeling: I possibly should have created another category for my digestive situation, but perhaps that’s TMI. I can happily declare that everything is going well in that department as long as I keep away from those nasty FODMAPs. No more swelling up like a balloon or being scared when those tummy cramps come. Freedom!

Workout Confidence: Oh boy I was not feeling it today because of a different kind of cramping. I wasn’t going to go up to the gym but I did and I’m so pleased. It made me feel so much better. And I bet my mile run time! 11:10

Food Edibility: I am so happy that the breakfast strawberries are back!

Financial State: Once again, not a penny spent. I am concerned about the extra week of food I would like to pay for with this month’s paycheck, but it can happen.



Breakfast: Oh, you know it’s my fave! Strawberry omelette.


Lunch: Oh man, did I enjoy this seasoned steak salad!


Dinner: I was halfway through, once again before I remembered to snap this pork tenderloin in a spice rub. It was not bad, but a little overcooked.


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