Day 12

General Feeling: Not too bad, all things considered! I think it’s gradual, this improvement, so it’s difficult to pinpoint each day,  but I certainly feel miles ahead of where I was last month.

Workout Confidence: The glorious rest day happened again. I did feel weird though, like I wanted to do something.

Food Edibility: Today was about necessity. I just ate what I had on hand. Hopefully I’ll be more inspired tomorrow.

Financial State: Another no dollar day!



Breakfast: I call this my “Yellow Breakfast” because I am a child. But it’s great every time. Fried eggs and that Sweet Potato Hash, except this time I just used curry powder, salt, and pepper.

Lunch (not pictured): More soup and boiled eggs. It may not have been fancy, but I did make it out the door on time.


Dinner: This was pretty delicious. I sauteed the shrimp in spices and turned it into a big salad.


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