Day 11

General Feeling: Today I was just happy for some reason. It was lovely. I felt lazy though. Peeling my backside off the chair to do anything was a mission.

Workout Confidence: I’m definitely improving, and I’m trying not to be too hard on myself. The goal is to get sweaty, and I’m definitely achieving that.

Food Edibility: I need to find some more delicious recipes. Unfortunately my stocks of the usuals are running low as I’m trying to clear out my kitchen for the move.

Financial State: Didn’t need to spend a penny. Making it through to Monday should be easy this week.



Breakfast: Poached eggs with quick breakfast veggies. I had to get rid of the leafy greens. They’re certainly on their deathbed.


Lunch: Not too exciting. It’s just too cold these days and all I want is soup. This is pumpkin soup with the last meatballs and eggs. Weird, I know.

Dinner (not pictured): I made bell peppers stuffed with meatloaf. I shouldn’t make them again. I always overcook them and it’s gross. But they do look ridiculously cute. I wish I hadn’t forgotten the photo.


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