Day 09

General Feeling: A little sleepy. I can’t wait for this phase to be over.

Workout Confidence: It’s getting better. 1 mile in 12mins. Everyday this will improve, mark my words.

Food Edibility: I don’t know how to top yesterday. Still loving those strawberries in the morning though.

Financial State: I was about to write that I spent no money, but that’s not exactly true. None on food though!



Breakfast: Look at that strawberry omelette perfection!


Lunch: Leftover tagine. Just as good the second time. I even ate it straight from the pot. How Korean of me!


Dinner: I decided to devote the strawberries to a different cause than eggs. This basil and strawberry sauce went pretty amazingly with the chicken breast, even if I did overcook them slightly.


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