Quick defrosting

I never remember to take meat out of the freezer before I leave in the morning, which complicates things when I get home from school, desperately hungry.

I’m not the first one to think of this tip, but who doesn’t need reminding? It has saved me going mad from hunger, cooking undefrosted meat, or wasting the disgusting hard bits that the microwave always leaves me with.

The answer? Lukewarm water! It shouldn’t be too hot because bacteria can grow (but if I’m about to eat my own arm I weigh up the consequences of turning it up).

I also think ahead when I pack my freezer. All my ground meat is in ziploc backs and thinned out for defrosting in a matter of minutes. It also makes stacking the shelves a whole lot easier.

When defrost another kind of meat, I often take it out of the original packaging, stick it in a bag, and run it under the water. That way, there are no pockets of air between the meat and the water.

It won’t magically defrost in one minute, but at least you wont be chewing on tastless edges of chicken breast!


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