Day 06

General feeling: Not too shabby at all, even after waking up at 4:30am and dozing for an hour. Who am I!?
Actually, after dinner I felt a bit gross and bloated. It may be my apple cider vinegar. You just can’t win!

Workout confidence: It was pretty good. An especially long HIIT day, but I made it through. I did think I was going to die at a couple points though.

Food edibility: I am very excited about this crockpot I’m borrowing off a friend. Bone broth will now become a reality and my freezer will be empty again!

Financial state: Things are ok.



Breakfast: I had two bananas that wouldn’t last a day so I crumbed them in almond meal and fried them up. Some of them were great and others, not so much.


Lunch: I snuck home for a moment and made this taco salad sans tacos. I overcooked the beef though. So disappointing!


Dinner: I was so busy devouring these crockpot beef ribs that I forgot to take a photo until it was half finished. I caught myself just in time. They were heavenly.


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