Day 05

General feeling: The energy is starting to kick in. I’m not feeling superhuman yet, but I’m no longer dragging my feet. It’s pretty nice actually.

Workout confidence: Today is rest day! My favourite day of all.

Food edibility: I did some different things today so I’m pleased because of the variety.

Financial state: I spent no money today (besides bus fare) and it feels great.



Breakfast: This looks like a strange combo, but I assure you it was delicious. The roast pumpkin was sweet so it matched the banana omelette perfectly. I put a bit of shredded coconut in for some fat because I’m pretty sure olives or mayo would have been a tad weird. This low FODMAP thing is hard.
Also, please don’t judge my omelette skills. I perfected it one time but never took a photo.


Lunch: On Sundays I take a lunchbox with me to band practice. Today it was a seasoned steak salad because I cooked extra last night.


Dinner: Eggs again! This time I scrambled them with all manner of dying veggies I found in my fridge.


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