Day 04

General feeling: I felt pretty good this morning apart from being ravishingly hungry, but then around midday I crashed. Still managed to go out this evening, sip my kombucha while watching everyone else with their wine, and not even be tempted!

Workout confidence: Dance day is always fun. I had company too which made it even more motivated. I crashed right afterwards.

Food edibility: Boy, I was hungry for each meal so I guess that helped.

Financial state: I went to Costco to do my monthly meat shopping and blew half of my budget for next week. I won’t have to go again before I go home though, so that’s good news.


Breakfast (not pictured): We had a scramble with loads of veggies and olives. Not too shabby!


Lunch: I made lettuce tacos. I’ll stick up a recipe when I perfect the meat seasoning. Not quite there yet!

Dinner (Not pictured): Seasoned steak and veggies because it was a bit of a rush.


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